If you are looking to obtain the most quality out of your electronic manufacturing project, it is vital to make your drawings as complete and as detailed as possible. It is much easier to attain your desired end product if you communicate your project to an electronic contract manufacturer using a complete picture.

When preparing your drawings for the electronic contract manufacturer, keep these things in mind.

Use the Appropriate Software in Labeling Your Dimensions

Use software to label all the dimensions in your project, including the precise position of each component. If you are working with mechanical, wire, and cable drawings, your best bet would be to use CAD software.

Moreover, use a board design program if you’re dealing with board designs. Utilizing the proper software enables you to precisely locate and position components that will be in your electronic manufacturing project.

Be Specific with Your Amounts and Materials

A map will not work unless it has a scale. Likewise, your drawings won’t be of much use without a bill of materials (BOM). Complete drawings must feature a list of materials or a BOM that details the required quantities. It should also have reference designators (for PCB assemblies) that offer insight into the assembly.

If you are describing a metal element in your project, for instance, it’s crucial that you:

  • Specify the type of metal
  • Describe the type of plating or finish for the metal
  • Define other requirements for the metal element (ex. This metal element needs powder coating)

Being as detailed as possible during this stage helps you achieve the results you want.

Don’t Forget to Include the Required Files

If you are completing your drawings for a circuit board assembly, include the necessary files, specifically the silkscreen files and placement, drill files, and Gerber files, with your drawings package. These files are crucial to the proper creation and assembly of your project.

Describe Your Special Requirements in Detail

If your project has any special requirements, be sure to include them in your drawings in detail. If your electronic manufacturing project, for instance, requires lead-free assembly, placing a detailed note in your drawings will make sure that all parties are on the same page.

Think About Product Specification and Testing

When completing your drawings, consider the testing stage as well. Determine what your requirements are and what the product specifications will be for testing.

Additionally, note down whether programming will be required. If the testing phase involves programming, specify the necessary programming files for your electronic contract manufacturer.

Ask for Assistance

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you need someone to go over your work. See if you can find engineers who can assist you in reviewing and polishing the designs on your project.

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